Top Shelf Classics!  An Entertainment and Event Production Company!

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Top Shelf Classics!

Top Shelf Classics Party and Show Band
Whether 10, 100, or 1000's; whether a corporate, social event, festival, wedding, or merely a night out on the town;
Top Shelf's available for all your entertainment needs!

Celebrities - Contact us in Hercules, California, for more information about our New Year's Eve Party in San Francisco where you can enjoy dinner and dancing all night long.    


A Note of Thanks!

Thank you for your continued support, your interest and for allowing us to share in your memories.  Thank you for the spontaneous hugs, the quick hellos and the oh-so-honest feedback :-)  - We appreciate you more than you’ll ever - ever know! 
LaDonna, on behalf of Johnny'T' and the entire Top Shelf Classics' family


Johnny'T' (aka 'Pops') Trotman
Top Shelf's producer, leader, founder.
New Year's Eve Early Bird Tix!
A Top Shelf * Grand * New Year's Eve at San Francisco's Grand Hyatt! (please click below for detail info)


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"Using entertainment to spread joy and love through song and dance is a key to Universal Peace" …. Johnny’T’.

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